About Renyta

Webbie Nyta 2

Creating with my hands, has given me a more fulfilled life & it can do the same for YOU.

No matter what I did, I always felt like it wasn’t enough.  I would feel empty.  It might not have been an overwhelmingly, time to get depressed, kind of emptiness.  But, it was enough to know, I wanted and needed to feel better.  I’ve always been able to help others, steer them towards their passions…Motivate the heck out of them.  And, if they needed an inspiration board, I could do that too.  But, it wasn’t until I started investing in my OWN creativity, that I truly felt alive.

Now, my life hasn’t been perfect, and right now, it could stand some upgrading.  But, the secret to fulfillment has never been perfection.   The journey…my journey…your journey and what we do on it, that’s what will keep us fulfilled!  CREATING with my hands has been one of the GREAT blessings for me.

For you, it may be creating furniture.  For someone else, it could be creating and plating a gorgeous meal for party of 20.  How about taking a pound or 2 of dyed wool (organic of course) and hand crocheting the sweetest blanket for a newborn baby girl?  That’s what I do.  I make things.  I crochet things.  I remember the first day I made a chain.  NO EMPTINESS.  Then, I made a hat.  NO EMPTINESS.  Blanket…Sarong… Handbag…YOU get the picture.  My life felt better.  Not perfect, but, better.

I am a proud mother of a beautiful and extraordinary little girl and she watches me, daily.  I encourage her to go as far as she can in education…all the way.  BUT, I want to encourage you, as I do her :  It’s YOUR journey, life.  Stop and see great things, taste even better things, gain much wisdom, smell our beautiful nature, & be inspired to…CREATE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL WITH YOUR HANDS.