A Little Prep…

is required, even when you already know the finished tacos are gonna be delicious.  And, sometimes, a lot of preparation may be necessary.

What a great life lesson…personally and professionally.  You can have all the ingredients… Tortillas- Shredded Cheese- Grilled Chicken- Seasoned Beef- Red Pepper and Mango Salsa- Cilantro- Tomatoes- Onions- Lettuce- Limes- Serrano Peppers, and whatever else you want to add.  BUT, if you don’t do the slicing, dicing, browning, &

squeezing… the WORK, it’ll be pretty hard and probably not enjoyable to eat a taco with a whole tomato, raw beef, uncooked chicken and a whole head of lettuce.  You get the picture. Haaaa.

And, let’s say you have no time to do any of that and you get to one of those fancy, boutique grocery stores (I love those, by the way) that will do all the prepping for you.  All you have to do is buy the kit and go home.  Guess what?  You still have to assemble it, unless someone has come up with some fancy flying chicken or walking veggies.

Sometimes, it’s frustrating, inconvenient, stressful, and seemingly never-ending, but, to get to that familiar and tasty dish or that beautifully crocheted wrap, we have to prepare!  Yes, even before we start the cooking or the crocheting, we have to prep.  No matter how many taco nights we’ve hosted.  No matter how many times you’ve created that one of a kind piece.  Buying the ingredients or simply purchasing the yarn isn’t enough.  It’s a start, but, only the beginning.

The wise lesson that I’ve learned and continue to learn daily is this :  We have to plan.  We have to prep.  Enjoy every part of the process!  Find wisdom in each step!   No one part of the process is less important than the other.  Discover better methods after each finish.  IT’LL MAKE THE TASTE EVEN BETTER!!




Creating With Her In Mind

Riv at the Perotis definitely an enormous gift from GOD.  HE is the Grandeur, the Mightiest, the Absolute… when it comes to Handiwork!  And, when GOD created my daughter, it was another manifestation of HIS Greatness.  She is my ULTIMATE motivation!

I never thought I’d be a single mother, at almost 45 years old.  Oh, no…Not me.  But, here I am.  Everyday, since her birth, certainly hasn’t been party worthy.  In fact, some days I struggle to remember what the heck my plans are for us.  But, she has certainly made my heart glad…every single second!  When my seasons of “Netflix & Chill” start getting in the too long stage, daughterlove reminds me, with excitement, of my goals, our vision, my dreams for her, and the ones for myself.

Every mother wants the best for her child.   But, when that child smiles, hands you a crochet needle & a spool of magenta colored yarn, then, tells you, “Mommy you can MAKE something pretty with this” YOU KNOW SHE WANTS THE BEST FOR YOU TOO!

Happy 1st Blog Post To Me.  Happy 1st Blog Post to me. ( in the tune of Happy Birthday)